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Guildwood Village Flag Rules

The Guildwood Village Flag was adopted by the Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA) on June 12, 2018 as the official Flag of Guildwood Village.







Guildwood Village residents, schools, churches and businesses are encouraged to fly the Guildwood Village Flag from flag poles, on merchandise and apparel (e.g. coffee mugs, t-shirts) and electronically on websites and social media.

The GVCA has developed a brief set of rules to ensure the integrity of the flag design is maintained when using the flag. Flag files for print and electronic use are available for download from the GVCA’s website, see bottom of this page.

  1. The Guildwood Village Flag must be used in its original form only, it may not be altered in any way shape or form:

    • Design (Symbols, Layout, Colours and Background): Four unique symbols and four colours (Red Pantone 032 C, Green Pantone 348 C, Brown Pantone 7603 C and Blue Pantone 287 C, see below for RGB, HEX and CMYK values) representing features of Guildwood Village are positioned in quadrants on white background to form a clear and distinctive message (reading from left to right, top to bottom): “Guild” “Wood” “Village” “on the Bluffs”.

    • Size Ratio: The Size Ratio of the Guildwood Village flag is 2:1. This is the same as the Canadian flag and means its length is twice its height.

  2. The Guildwood Village Flag may not be used as a logo but can be shown adjacent to an existing logo in the same way the Canadian Flag can be shown next to school or corporate logos to show pride of place.

  3. The Guildwood Village Flag may not be used in any way that may be considered obscene, offensive or demeaning.

The Guildwood Village Community Association is the guardian, legal and rightful owner of the Guildwood Village Flag and reserves the right to enforce the rules of use and, without notice, change the rules of use to protect the Flag’s integrity for all Guildwood Village residents.

Colour Values:

Primary Value: Pantone 032 C
Alternate Value: RGB 239 51 64
Alternate Value: HEX/HTML EF3340
Alternate Value: CMYK 0 86 63 0

Primary Value: Pantone 348 C
Alternate Value: RGB 0 132 61
Alternate Value: HEX/HTML 00843D
Alternate Value: CMYK 96 2 100 12

Primary Value: Pantone 7603 C
Alternate Value: RGB 103 66 48
Alternate Value: HEX/HTML 674230
Alternate Value: CMYK 16 69 98 73

Primary Value: Pantone 287 C
Alternate Value: RGB 0 48 135
Alternate Value: HEX/HTML 003087
Alternate Value: CMYK 100 75 2 18

Download Print File

Guildwood Flag.jpg
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