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For decades the Guildwood Village News & Views has been the voice of our community and of the Guildwood Village Community Association. Published four times a year by a dedicated team of volunteers, it is published online and in hard copy delivered to over 3,500 residences. 

Please send submissions of articles, photography or short stories to by each deadline, or feel free to get in touch to discuss your submission ideas. For information about advertising rates for the Guildwood Village News & Views, please email 


Please review our submission guidelines before submitting your article! 

  • Submit by December 15 for publication in the February issue

  • Submit by March 15 for publication in the May issue

  • Submit by June 15 for publication in the August issue

  • Submit by September 15 for publication in the November issue

You can find links to the most recent issues on this page but if you want to go further back in time, you can find most of the back issues all the way back to 1967 here.

WINTER 2023 ISSUE REVISION: The dates in the notice from Church of the Holy Trinity Guildwood differ from the dates in the print version of the Winter 2023 issue. The dates in this online version are the corrected dates provided by the church. However there is one tiny further correction picked up by our eagle-eyed proofreader: the Eggstravaganza is on Sunday April 9th at noon (not April 10th per the notice)! Please contact the church if you're confused! 

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