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Christine Tetreault—a Guildwood Village Community Hero

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The Guildwood Village Community Association’s Communications Team has launched a special series called the Guildwood Village Community Hero, in which the GVCA on its social media will feature community volunteers and their work.

When Christine’s friend—a fellow Guildwoodian working double shifts at Michael Garron Hospital—asked for help sourcing 1,000 masks for the hospital, Christine replied “give me the specs, we’ll make them!”

Short on elastics, Christine put a call out for material donations on the “Guildwood on the Curb” Facebook group. The “response was incredible,” Christine says. “People in Guildwood really want to contribute.”

After a quick FaceTime call with her mother in Cliffcrest, and with Mallory Chrysler connecting via the Facebook group to volunteer her time as well, Christine quickly set up two production lines in Guildwood and one in Cliffcrest.

Christine is amazed by the community’s desire to give. “We are making masks, but with the connections we have made with people in the community through the internet, this has become such a positive social experience.” With the community providing materials, the group is now producing masks for several hospitals, including Michael Garron and Sick Kids as well as homeless shelters, women’s shelters, group homes, and senior homes.

Christine, you answered the call for help and mobilized the community’s volunteer resources; you are a Guildwood Village Community Hero!

If you would like to donate materials, please contact Christine Tetreault on Facebook. If you have written letters of encouragement to healthcare professionals, Christine is happy to help get them delivered to hospitals along with the masks.


If you’d like to nominate someone for this new series, send an email with the person’s name and description to



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