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Guildwood Village: A Retrospective Look Over Time

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Guildwood: A Retrospective Look Over Time was enthusiastically created by the Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA) in honour of the GVCA’s 60th Anniversary. The film has been publically posted as a service to the community and must be used solely for viewer’s private home viewing and library purposes, and in no event can the film be altered, duplicated or used for any commercial purpose or for profit.

The GVCA asks that you respect their copyright on the film, and the copyright of the groups that generously provided images to be included. If you are interested in using any of the images you have seen in the film, kindly cross reference their original owners within the footnotes of the script provided on this page, and contact those owners directly for permissions.

Specifically, anyone wishing to use images that have a reference to Gilbert A. Milne must acquire permission from Milne Studios.

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