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Guildwood Village Flag

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

The Guildwood Village Flag was adopted by the Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA) on June 12, 2018 as the official Flag of Guildwood Village.

The Guildwood Village Flag has deep meaning. It tells the story about our neighbourhood using symbols of local features that resonate with residents. Together, the icons define what makes Guildwood Village so distinctive.

Reading from left to right, top to bottom, the flag sends a clear and distinctive message: “Guild” “Wood” “Village” “on the Bluffs”.

Interpreting the Four Symbols

Top Left: The four columns represent the art, architecture and creativity associated with the Guild Park, site of historic Guild of All Arts. The image is a stylized version of the Bankers Bond columns, preserved and proudly displayed by the park entrance The colour red represents the energy, creativity and passion for which Guildwood Village is known. The red is also the same colour (Pantone 032) used in Canada’s national flag. This links our community to our country.

Top Right: The three trees represent our community’s wooded areas, green spaces and parks. The evergreen silhouettes refer to the tree that appears in the official crest of Guildwood Village. The colour green represents nature, renewal and growth. The green used (Pantone 348), is from the official colour pallette of the Government of Canada.

Bottom Left: The bungalow represents the unique style of homes built throughout the village, known as “mid-century modern.” The icon is based on plans from one of Guildwood’s original model homes built along the village’s first residential streets, Avenue of Homes, (now called Toynbee Trail). The brown colour (Pantone 7603) is based on a colour used in the original Guildwood Village crest. This colour represents reliability, elegance, stability and home.

Bottom Right: The simplified bluffs and shoreline images are inspired by Scarborough’s official flag, designed by renowned artist, Doris McCarthy. The blue represents the sky and the lake, and is associated with freedom, imagination, expansiveness and inspiration. The blue colour (Pantone 287) is the same as in the City of Toronto’s flag, creating another link — between our community and our city.

Additional Points

  1. The flag’s quadrant layout is a reminder that Guildwood Village evolved from the original 1957 development and expanded in sections.

  2. Another notable flag that uses four quadrants is the Royal Standard, the banner long used by Canada’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

  3. The four quadrants and their colours also refer to the four seasons:

  4. The red maple leaves of autumn;

  5. the white winter snow around our homes;

  6. the fresh green of spring’s renewal; and

  7. the blue skies and open water of summer.

Guildwood Village residents, schools, churches and businesses are encouraged to fly the Guildwood Village Flag from flag poles, on merchandise and apparel (e.g. coffee mugs, t-shirts) and electronically on websites and social media.

The GVCA has developed a brief set of rules to ensure the integrity of the flag design is maintained when using the flag. Flag files for print and electronic use are available for download from the GVCA’s website.

  1. The Guildwood Village Flag must be used in its original form only, it may not be altered in any way shape or form:

  2. Design (Symbols, Layout, Colours and Background): Four unique symbols and four colours (Red Pantone 032 C, Green Pantone 348 C, Brown Pantone 7603 C and Blue Pantone 287 C, see below for RGB, HEX and CMYK values) representing features of Guildwood Village are positioned in quadrants on white background to form a clear and distinctive message (reading from left to right, top to bottom): “Guild” “Wood” “Village” “on the Bluffs”.

  3. Size Ratio: The Size Ratio of the Guildwood Village flag is 2:1. This is the same as the Canadian flag and means its length is twice its height.

  4. The Guildwood Village Flag may not be used as a logo but can be shown adjacent to an existing logo in the same way the Canadian Flag can be shown next to school or corporate logos to show pride of place.

  5. The Guildwood Village Flag may not be used in any way that may be considered obscene, offensive or demeaning.

See Guildwood Village Flag Rules for additional details.

John Mason, President of Friend of Guild Park, explains the Guildwood Village Flag to Guild Park guests.


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