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Mayoral Candidates Debate

Updated: May 4, 2023

Register here to attend in person or virtually!

UPDATE: In-person seats are now SOLD OUT. Virtual tickets are still available and free!

Hello Scarborough Community Leaders, Business Owners & Residents,

The past elections have received dismal voter turnout. Scarborough has 25% of the population, yet, we continue to be neglected in services, healthcare, and transportation and have the highest level of poverty.

Current Polls show that the leading candidates only have support of about 16% of voters. If the turnout remains the same as 2022 and the polls stay like this, our new mayor will be voted in by less than 5 % of Toronto's eligible voters. This means that more than 95% of eligible voters will have not voted for the winner. Sun (Scarborough United Neighbourhoods) are proud to be a sponsor with SCRO (Scarborough Community Renewal Organization) Hosting the Mayoral Candidates Debate to be held at UofT, Scarborough Campus on Wednesday, May 24 @ 6PM which City TV will also be televising the event. The goal is to convince the +500,000 eligible Scarborough residents to vote by June 26. In order to make this happen, we're counting on everyone to work together to make this happen. Scarborough needs to speak up and Eligible Voters need to Vote! We can't let others make the decision of who will become Mayor of Toronto - choose a mayor by Voting! We'd appreciate your anticipated support of Scarborough to promote the election by posting the Mayoral Debate Flyer (see attached) on your Community & Business Website, and Facebook, and sharing it with Friends & Neighbours to get Scarborough engaged.

Please feel free to contact Scarborough United Neighbourhoods with any questions and/or suggestions. GO Scarborough GO! Sincerely, Ron Parkinson SUN (Scarborough United Neighbourhoods) 647-523-5496

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