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Induction Stoves Update

If you missed the webinar on May 24th, here is a link to the recording:

Why are we talking about this?

In March 2022, the Harbord Village Residents’ Association (HVRA), was invited by the board of the GVCA to tell us about the HVRA’s NetZero project. As part of this project, the HVRA has developed a Best Buy deal on induction stoves that is open to anyone within Best Buy’s catchment areas – that means YOU!

Induction stoves heat water twice as fast as gas and they are safer than both gas and conventional electric stoves. Best Buy is providing discounts of $300 to $900 on seven different induction stove ranges and $100 to $150 on three different induction stove cooktops. Best of all, they have a special team who will discuss which brand of an induction range or cooktop might best meet the needs of a particular individual.

Most homes in Ontario cities have 3 gas appliances and together, they generate significant greenhouse gas emissions. Besides gas stoves, many have gas water heaters and gas furnaces. Replacing a gas cook stove is a good first step in transitioning off fossil fuels, because doing so will also yield health benefits. Research shows that gas stoves release considerable amounts of indoor air pollutants, much of which linger long after people turn off their exhaust systems.

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