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The Studio

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Assembled from two buildings, the studio was constructed by Rosa and Spencer Clark from a garage and a stable building moved from another part of the property sometime in the 1930s. The two were joined and expanded to house many of the workshops and later

a showroom for the crafts produced on the property. A further larger addition was added on the north side in the 1950s. Many artists worked in the building in the crafts of batik, woodworking, weaving and metal working.

The Studio served the Guild as a meeting room and as wedding facilities starting in the 1960s into the 90s

Following the closure of the Inn the studio was neglected, vandalized and finally boarded up


On Christmas day 2008 the studio was gutted by fire. The two oldest parts of the building were almost totally destroyed.

Proposed expansion c 1988. Existing building in centre.

The Studio is just a memory.

Andrew Macklin (GVCA Webmaster)



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